You can have now a full Conversation with your AI Chatbot

[GPT x Voice Input Output]

The 2013 Movie “Her” is now a Decade reality.

In the Movie, the Main Character has a Relationship with his Phone.

Sharing Stories and getting Insights, all by just talking.


With the latest Update in Open AI´s ChatGPT

this is also possible.

I could set it up as my

Spanish Teacher

my personal assistant

or my Mentor and Therapist

It’s really really crazy.


If you want to try it yourself.

Here is how:

Open up the ChatGPT App on your Phone or iPad.

(It is important you have an active ChatGPT PLUS Subscription)

Go then to Settings,

Activate Voice Communication

and click the Headphone Icon up top.

Start talking and you are done.

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