🎥 CapCut joins forces with 🤖ChatGPT

ChatGPT x CapCut

Two Industry Giants in the AI World, just a have collaborated together.
THE AI company OpenAI with its most powerful AI of Google Competitor.
which was the fastest growing company in 2023.

And the AI fueled TikTok Editor App Capcut.
Which gained in the shortest amount over 1mio downloads.
and is really great for its ease of use.
And forced Instagram and YouTube to really step up their game,
when it comes to in App editing.
The Method behind it, is called Text-to-Video.
You have to have an active ChatGPT Subscription ($19,99)
in Order to active GPT4.0 and basically run Plugins and early Beta features.

Then you just install the new CapCut Plugin, activate it.
and type what kind of Video you want:
AI does then the Script
You select your desired Ratio
(for YouTube 16×9, or 9×16 for TikTok, Reels, etc)

You hit enter
and you will be prompted to click a link.

That will lead you to the CapCut Browser App.

Here the AI created in the Background,
1) Researched the Topics and created
A logical Story and Script around it
(a thing not many students still get right)

2) Has created spoken in Voiceover and Captions
(also a crazy skill)

3) Has found some suitable Stockfootage
that will go with it.

4) has added some Background Music.
All these things take usually 3-8hours, if not even longer
for a single creator or a team.
So lets see how the results…

Result from ChatGPT 4 x Capcut (Web)

Prompt: “Create me a Video about why Dogs are awesome.”

First Impressions

in comparison to what existed a year ago

AI Times

The spoken Voice is “okay
not great, but still years better what we had from Google or Apple so far

RollEye Magazin

the Choice of Music – questionable
way to loud mixed and probably the easiest thing for anyone to do
even your lame uncle with its Powerpoint Presentation and some Music playing


The B-Roll Footage *hmm* yes
not really Video, but at least the context is so far right and make sense. Better than a Baby could do it, but not someone so talented as myself. AI is simply no True and Real Director.
And so far probably the weakest of that “AI Video Creation Part”,

Stills Images, Not Video and a 4×3 Ratio which is nice VHS Style
but crearly not the right thing, especially after it even asked before.

– Quentin Trattonino –


Its not great, but at the current Rate of improvements.
It will get there rather sooner than later.

So you better watch your new AI Collegue grow
and so he should also be judged by his professional counterpart.

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